Jan 27 2015

The Challenge Coin Tradition

Category: MilitaryJanet Richmond @ 8:04 am

The challenge coin has been a part of history. It is filled with stories of struggles, success, brotherhood and other inspirational acts. Many people own this such as artists, collectors, and old members of the military. There are people who have gotten custom military coins of their own design.

The challenge coin is not just a simple coin, but it symbolizes a rich and deep meaning. It is more than just a regular coin used as currency. It represents an achievement and honor that one has brought to a certain group or even to the country. This is not just called a challenge coin but also as a medallion or unit coin. It has been a part of the old traditions that still exist in the present generation.

The Origin of Challenge Coins

Custom military coinsThe definite origin of the challenge coin is unknown. There are different stories about how it came to be or how it was given such relevance. There may be many stories but they have this common denominator. It is that the challenge coin was given as a reward but was never meant for purchase or as a form of currency. This is one of the stories that talk about the origin of the custom military coins.

During the early times in Ancient Rome, soldiers were given reward for valor. The reward includes a day’s pay and another coin as a bonus. This is granted when soldiers perform well in battles. These coins have the design which indicates the place where it came from. These coins are not for purchase, rather, they are held as souvenirs. This is to discourage the soldiers in spending them for women and liquor.

The Medallion Secrecy

The challenge coin usually indicates the membership of an individual to a particular group. This is usually used as an entrance for an assembly to make sure that the minutes of the meetings are kept confidential.

There was an event in 2011 that showed another act of concealment of the medallion. This was called The Secret Handshake. During Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ tour in Afghanistan, he was able to pass on challenge coins to several personnel in the Armed Forces in front of many people secretly. He did this by shaking hands with them. Along with the hand contact was the secret passage of the medallion. The custom military coins given were a special Secretary of Defense challenge coin.

The Coin Check

Since organizations use the custom military coins as a sign of membership, they check the coins regularly. This is done anytime and anywhere. This is for them to make sure that they carry the right medallion with them. This coin check is popularly known as The Challenge. It encourages the members to keep their challenge coins with them at all times.

This activity is the reason why these medallions or unit coins are called as challenge coins. This has been a tradition in many groups especially the military. Once a challenge has been made, everyone must participate. There are no exceptions to the rule. Whatever it is you are doing, you must stop it. You may be unclothed, just woke up, or whatever it is that indicates unpreparedness, but you cannot escape the game.

The Challenge Rules

The Challenge’s rules may vary among different organizations. These are the basic or common rules widely used by most of the unions.

The game is initiated by first, drawing out one’s challenge coin. It is held in the air to show that you are up for a challenge. This can be done by placing the coin on a table. This may also be done by making noise using the coin or shouting out that you are initiating a coin check. Whatever way it is, they challenge notification must be heard by all your mates.

Once the attention has been called, all those who are being challenged must present their coins in the way that the challenger has presented his/her coin. If you were unable to show your coin right or weren’t able to show any coin at all, you will have to buy drinks for the whole group or the challenger. It depends on the rules that your union has implemented.

Challenge coins were given to soldiers to recognize their valor and sacrifices to fulfill their duties for their country.

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Jan 22 2015


Category: ChemicalsBeth Walton @ 10:56 am

People tend to picture athletes as physically enticing and envy-inducing individuals. Six-pack abs, curvy biceps, and hulking overall physique – they’ve got it all. Of course, that’s just the shape they’re supposed to end up with, what with all the warm-ups, trainings, and exercises they’ve been occupied with most of the time. After all, they need to get fit for their next fight, or they’ll get owned by their opponents.

This fitness status however, apparently isn’t limited to athletes. There are gym-obsessed bodybuilders who probably are just concerned with their health or feel that muscles can improve their physical appearance. And there is also your regular Joe who at some point probably decided to build up some abs just for kicks. Perhaps many of the individuals belonging to this particular kind of well-chiseled population have worked their way tooth and nail to reach their current build, but there’s no doubt some of them have resorted to having particular substances aid that endeavor.

SARMSteroids, although generally banned since more than three decades ago, are still circulating in the market; stealthily, so as to avoid being busted by the authorities, as the consequences could be fines and/or imprisonment. Steroids have been outlawed by the government due to reasons that range from the user experiencing pain to the user succumbing to complications.

The explanation is that this drug can damage the liver significantly that the user may end up having jaundice, high blood pressure, and liver tumor. As further effect, some of the other organs would stop functioning properly, hence the possibility of complications and eventually, death.

On the brighter side, the less serious side effects of taking steroids would simply mess up with the person’s endocrine system because after all, steroids are all about screwing around with hormones. That means guys will most likely develop qualities that are common for girls, and vice versa.

Now, steroids are legal only when prescribed by a physician for medical purposes. That refers to prescriptions for muscle wasting diseases like osteoporosis and cancer, and for hormone replacement therapy.

However, who could ever resist the substance? Steroids actually increase muscles, improve bone density, and burn unnecessary fats. Additionally, it improves a person’s physical skills, like agility, speed, strength, and endurance. Steroids are this short in becoming the perfect substance. They’re a shortcut to being fit, a backdoor to hulking up. If only the side effects weren’t as bad as those mentioned above.

In an attempt to answer to all the issues involved with the use of steroids, researchers have recently come up with SARM.

SARMS is an acronym for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. Technically, what they do is that they mimic the effects of a steroid, but they leave the bad side of the steroid from their function. Being able to stimulate a receptor in a manner that is tissue selective, the beneficial effects could then possibly be improved and at the same time, minimize (if not completely eradicate) unwanted effects.

SARMS, in conclusion, are very beneficial to both prescription and non-prescription users. And because it is relatively safe, the market regulation for this substance isn’t comparatively tight. People can buy SARMS in medical boutiques, which offer a wide range of other chemicals and substances that are available both for research and consumption. Because of these stores, people now have the choice to buy SARMS – a completely safer decision than steroids.

Therefore, if you are an athlete trying impossibly hard to gain weight or if you’re a bodybuilder who just couldn’t get enough of it, you can just go and buy SARMS. Or if you’re just a bored little guy who’s been too tired with having a slanky physique or you’re taking steroids and you feel the side effects kicking in, you can try and buy SARMS. SARMS might just be the perfect product you’ve been searching for.

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Jan 19 2015

Why Choose Portable Storage Container?

Category: LogisticsKristine Dougherty @ 7:10 am

More people come to appreciate the beauty of owning or having a portable storage container. The metal container can actually help keep things organized in your home and you can even convert it into a fully functional room.

portable storage containerMany people are already using their metal storage containers for other purposes other than storing their stuff. The container can also be converted into a mini-shop if you want to put up an arts and crafts store, a fruit and vegetable store, or convert it into a fully functional room that’s big enough to serve your purpose.

There are providers who offer to rent their containers and there are others who also sell their storage containers. You too will surely appreciate the extra space with tight security feature especially if you have a limited area in your house.

A Metal Container is Suitable for Commercial or Residential Use

A metal storage container is extremely versatile and it is great for commercial or residential use. A metal container can keep your valuables safe and secure and most containers come with high security features that most business owners appreciate and love.

If you are a business owner and you want a separate secure storage near your place of business, then owning a portable storage container that are Moveablecubicle might just be the thing you need. You can modify your own storage according to the purpose you need to fulfill. You can also create a different look for your container storage.

Offers Durability and Security

The portable metal containers are far more durable than plastic containers and this durability makes the metal containers more practical and economical as time goes by. The metal containers may seem too expensive now, but you will be able to use them for a long time that will prove that they are actually cheaper than any other container. You need to include the number of years that you will be able to use your containers in order to properly determine how costly or practical they are.

The metal containers come with high security locks and you can be certain that the things that you store inside are safe and well-protected. There are providers who also include high security lock boxes to double the security of the portable storage container.

Refurbished Containers

The metal containers are usually refurbished, but they were made from high quality steel that is practically unaffected by wear and tear. The containers are repainted and the provider sees to it that the container is in mint condition when it reaches your place. There is no leak and the locks are intact.

Price is just Right

There is no overpricing when it comes to metal containers. They are more durable than any other material, can tolerate all kinds of weather, and keep everything safe and secure.

It’s true that the metal containers may seem a bit expensive at the time when you buy it, but you will never have to buy another one to replace it after a long period of use. If you can properly maintain your container, then it will be able to give its services to you for a long time.

You can rent or buy the container – whichever is fine just as long as it will be able to accomplish the things you want from it. Make everything clear with the container provider before closing the deal. You need to make sure that when they deliver the container, everything has been settled except if there are additional charges that you need to pay upon the delivery as stipulated in your agreement.

It is always prudent to do your research first to get the best container provider around. Compare the prices of the different providers and if there are other things that go with their offer. You can also try asking if they can give discounts and see which provider will be able to give the best deal.

The portable storage container will serve you for a long time; just make sure to properly maintain your container.

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Jan 12 2015

Long Island Real Estate: Why it’s Worth the Investment

Category: Real estateGeorge Maxwell @ 12:16 pm

Having a 20-mile measurement at its widest point and an end-to-end distance of 118 miles, “Long Island” seems to be a fitting name for this place. Circumnavigated and named by Dutch traders in the early 1600s, the island today continues to become one of the best getaway spots in New York because of its abundant waters, fruitful land, and temperate climate.

Whether it is the long, peaceful walks on the beach or the adventuresome hike to the famous lighthouse, everything about Long Island spells serenity and peaceful living. This may be the reason why li realtors continues to prosper. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a place that spells comfort and relaxation?

li realtorsLong Island is filled with lots of beaches and other recreational venues the family can all enjoy together. Additionally, Long Island is home to not only top health care centers but also to leading research and academic institutions. The climate is cool and wet during the winter while it is humid and warm during the summer. All these factors add up to why living in Long Island seems to be very appealing for most.

Investing in li realtors is one of the biggest financial investments a person can make. Some of the really nice properties might come with steep prices, but they have the potential to grow in value even further. To make sure you are investing in a good property, it is always necessary to pick a real estate agent who knows his way around the place. No one is more trustworthy than a real estate agent who is familiar with the place you want to a buy a property in.

In determining whether a li realtors agent is credible, make sure you interview him first. Find out whether he has obtained the necessary license to conduct real estate transactions and if he has enough experience for the job. Usually, the more experienced real estate agents have already closed a lot of deals in the past. The more deals a real estate agent has closed in the past, the more experienced he is.

Long Island is a warm and comfortable place to live in, especially if you love the sea. No matter in which town you are residing in, you will enjoy moving around the island especially during the summer. The scenery is spectacular, making it an ideal place to live in for those who enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea. If you think you have the means to move into a new home on Long Island or if you plan purchase a property to serve simply as a vacation home, then rest assured that Long Island will be a great area for you.

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Jan 06 2015

Holidays and HCG

Category: Weight LossKen Rojas @ 11:23 am

The holidays pose a great quandary to the dieters as a whole. Generally, holidays represent a time of freedom, when one can eat and sleep as they like without worrying about their daily grind. Most of them feel that a diet will only hamper the freedom afforded by a vacation. The HCG diet plan makes it easier for the dieters to keep following their plan even when the holidays roll by. Although the feasts are delightfully wondrous as always, HCG makes sure that one does not have the appetite to go out and enjoy them. In addition to HCG, there are several other processes to ensure that you follow the dieting practices.

It is best if you let the starting dates of the HCG diet plan and your vacation coincide with each other. After all, HCG allows you to gorge a decent amount of food at the start of the course. The loading days can be enjoyed in a better fashion if you have the complete clock at your disposal.

real hcg dropsIt is important that the dieter doesn’t look to cheat their way out of the diet plan. It might lead the dieter into a never ending series which ultimately results in the dieter gaining weight. Emotional eating is the most common reason for the increase in the weight of a person. Most of the people follow the trend of “A little bit more can’t hurt any more than it already is”. Most of the dieters start with a little bit of cheating, which results in the diet chart ending in the daily trash. It results in losing all the efforts put into the weight loss as well as setting your weight loss time table back to medieval times. There is only one simple solution to avoid the above problems “Never cheat”.

It is not an ideal scenario to catch up with many people, while on a HCG diet. Most of the people offer some kind of refreshments, which might be rude to be rejected. Despite being a part and parcel of basic etiquette; they tend to play wreckage into your planning. As most of the foods in the festivities are the no-no’s according to our HCG diet list, you might end up breaking your diet plans. Such meetings cannot be avoided in the first place. It is better if one is prepared to face such scenarios when one is on diet. The best solution is to bring your own food; you can share them with others as you eat them.

One can always set the timetable for the HCG diet. By going into Phase 3 mode, you can afford a lot more of leverage in terms of having food. Although it delays your target date, the joys of holidays can be enjoyed without the constricting diet around yourself. By doing this, one can avoid his diet plans becoming public knowledge.

The real hcg drops are one of those diets who make weight loss almost seem easy.

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Jan 01 2015

Why Choose Cremation?

Category: SocietyGeorge Louis @ 12:02 pm

At present, four out of ten deaths in America choose cremation, which shows a significant increase in the past years. There are several reasons contributing as to why there are an increasing number of individuals who choose this kind against the more conventional casketed ground burial. Some of the reasons include religious acceptance, less observance to family traditions, and an increasingly mobile society.

This article discusses three important aspects of this kind of burial to help you in deciding if this sort of final body disposition is appropriate for you or for your relatives.

Lower Cost

cremationCremation is less costly as compared to the traditional burial like the casketed interment below the ground of a dead human following a visitation and religious or secular ceremony. National Funeral Directors Associations reported that the national average price of a funeral is around $6,560, including a metal casket but not the cemetery plot, headstone or other miscellaneous costs like for obituaries or flowers. The national average cost of cremating the body according to the Cremation Association of North America is $1,650, including limited memorialization services and a basic urn.

When thinking about the costs, it is significant to understand that this kind of burial is neither an alternative to nor a rejection of a conventional funeral. Rather, it is one form of disposing the deceased body as your option. In short, if you choose this type of burial for yourself or for your loved ones, you can still hold a visitation/wake and/or a secular or religious ceremony beforehand if you like.

The amount of money you spend can be less or greater than the above averages mentioned, depending on the services and goods you choose. For instance, you choose a direct cremation where the body is cremated without any sort of funeral service or loved ones present – it normally costs less than $1,000. On the other hand, you can spend 4 or 5 times that amount if you purchase a unique urn designed by an artist.

Flexible Service

Because the human body undergoes a decomposition process after death, cremating the body can be done two to three days after death. But if you need to lengthen the funeral service to give time for your other relatives to travel, you can arrange things with the funeral service provider. The funeral service will be extended for four to ten days.

There are cases where the funeral service takes place after cremating the body. It is normal for the immediate family to hold a private viewing of the deceased and to witness the actual burning of the deceased body. After the body is cremated, the ashes are placed in a special container know as an urn. A bigger memorial or scattering of ashes service can be done and it normally last for weeks, months or even a year.

Helpful for the Environment

With the present condition of our environment, people make sure that everything they do and use will not harm the air. Cremation has been considered much helpful for the environment, because a regular funeral normally includes the use of a formaldehyde-based fluid used in embalming, and the need for land to bury the coffin or casket. Based on statistics, conventional way of burying the deceased will result in the burial of 827,060 gal of formaldehyde based fluid every year. If you will not hold a memorial or funeral service before cremating the deceased, there is no need for you to find a professional embalmer. The ashes do not require any land at all, since most of the time it is kept in an urn or spread them in a meaningful place. Even if you decide to bury the urn or place it in a columbarium, the land required is still less as compared to the traditional way of burying the coffin or casket.

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Dec 31 2014

How To Care For Your Golf Putters

Category: SportsAndre Hanson @ 5:39 am

Golf is not just about playing. It is also about caring – of your golf putters, that is. Add years to the life of your golf putters when you give them the special care they deserve before, during, and after each game. What you will need is just a little of your time, a tiny bit of effort and these materials:

  • Golf putters head cover
  •  Towel
  • Water
  • A mild dish soap (corrosive and abrasive cleaning agents are no-no)
  • An old, soft toothbrush (avoid wiry brushes as these can cause scratches)

Here is how you care for them.

Before a game or when not in use:

golf putters1. Store your putters in cool, dry place, preferably indoors. Placing your putters in the trunk of your car or in the garage for a long period of time can actually damage the head or shaft due to high temperature. In addition, humidity can impair the putters because of an increased probability of becoming rusty. If it is just a matter of several days, then the garage or car’s trunk will do. However, for long-term storage, it has to be indoors.

2. Putters are prone to nicks, dents, and scratches. Always cover them to keep them safe and protected whether they are in use or not. Sometimes, all it needs is to be inside the golf bag with several golf clubs and damages can happen. How? They get dinged or nicked when they bump into each other. Head covers or putters are therefore a must.

Caring for your putters during the game

1. Always have a soft towel with you. After a shot, simply wipe the dirt off the face of the putter with the towel. Why? Do you know that after 3 to 4 rounds, the dirt from the landscape, like debris, and grass, can accumulate on them? When you just let them stay there, the dirt can harden and that would be difficult to clean after wards. Not to mention, it could even cost you 3 to 4 strokes. However, make sure that you do it quickly and not as if you are trying to delay the game.

2. Place the head cover on your putters after cleaning even if you are just going to a short distance. You can never tell what damage may happen in that short distance. Just one strong bump could cost a lot of harm to the putters.

At the end of the day, give your golf putters this kind of care:

1. Clean the surface of the putter with warm, soapy water, and soft brush. Never use corrosive and abrasive cleaning agents, as these are damaging to the putters. Do the brushing lightly and not forcibly as it can lead to scratches later on.

2. Towel-dry immediately after washing.

3. Inspect the putters for any visible damage. Check for cracks, splits, dents, or nicks.

4. Place the head cover back again and place them inside the golf bag. Double check that the putters are thoroughly dried to avoid formation of rust.

5. Stow them away indoors as much as possible.

In addition to these, remember to clean your putters immediately after a rainy round. Rust spots may develop when wet clubs are stored away.

These simple acts of caring your golf putters may mean the big difference between short and long life span and service of your putters to you. In addition, a big amount of savings is achieved, as you would not need to buy new ones due to negligence and lack of care before, during and after a game. Enjoy your game and enjoy your putters!

Author Bio:Smooth and steady until the ball drops into the hole, that’s how my putters roll! And with a huge selection, your sure to find just what you need at The Cave. Whether you’re looking for Odyssey, Nike or Ray Cook, this Caveman has the PERFECT golf putters for you!

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