What Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Not

Posted on | July 22, 2014 | Comments Off

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if done well, could put your site’s ranking on the first page of the searches, if not at least on the top ten.  However, SEO is not something that could turn your business overnight into a highly successful and thriving one.  The following misconceptions shed light to what SEO actually is:

SEOA.  Hiring the best SEO agency will put you to the top of the rankings regardless of the keywords you use.  SEO is about keywords.  Before you can even think about asking someone to write your page, you should think deep and hard to make sure that the keywords you use will make you come out of the searches.  Make sure your keywords are descriptive of your sight and put them in your URL so that users will know what your sight is all about even at a glance.

B. Find the most popular keywords and improve your rankings in a few weeks.  SEO is not about finding the most popular keywords.  For your site to succeed your keywords should be such that there is a general word that should that should allow it to be searched as well as a qualifier that would make it distinct from the rest of the general term.  And since your success would be dependent your website being searched by the users, it would be next to impossible that you would get results within a few weeks.  It could take a few months to a year before you see results.

C. You can get away with free directory submissions and still get high rankings as these are reviewed by editors anyway.  In SEO, you get what you pay for.  Suffice to say, the lower you spend, the lower quality of work you get.  Good SEO agencies hire experts to make sure that their clients’ websites get a good shot at the rankings by providing well researched and thought of material.  In SEO, quality has a price and you have to be ready to pay for it.

D. Even withe the best of keywords, you will never succeed in SEO if your content is poorly written.  If you are to embark on a successful SEO campaign, make sure that your content is such that you will be able to build links to high quality content.  This is what successful link building is about.

E. There is no secret keyword density that could increase your ranking site.  What you can do with your keywords is to place them strategically in your text where it counts: in the title, in the headers, and in  the first sentence of your content. Also, keep in mind to include your keywords in your domain name and URLs.  These are the important places where your keywords should be seen.  Within the body, you can use words related to your keyword so as to avoid keyword stuffing.

Embarking on an SEO campaign would entail a lot of hard work if you would want it to succeed.  Even the selection of keywords, which would form the backbone of your SEO, is very critical.  Your keywords should be such that it is not too general so that your site gets lost in the multitude of articles available in the search, nor too specific that you run the risk of not having your article searched.  Putting them in places where they matter most is critical as well and it could be what would separate your content from the rest.  Of course, your content should be informative, educational  and inspiring so that users will gravitate to your site.   You must be able to do link-building to emphasize your key words.  Being able to link to authoritative sites as edu.com would give your site more authority.  Finally, success in SEO will be gained if you already have built the credibility that will push your site to the top of the rankings.  And this takes time.  There are no such things as quick fixes in SEO.